A Brief History of the Town of Eagle Harbor

On May 1925, Walter L. Bean first sold lots in Eagle Harbor under a big cherry tree.   The lots were advertised in Washington's Eagle weekly newspaper and the town derives its name from that publication.   Mr. Bean erected two sample houses on beachfront lots which were snapped up by sisters, Mrs. Ethel Fields and Mrs. Sophie Fields.   Mr. John T. Stewart Sr. purchased and renovated the original farmhouse.

The Citizens Association was organized in 1927.   They purchased the Town Hall site and built Jetties to support the riverbank.   Eagle Harbor was incorporated on March 8, 1929.   The first chairman, John T. Stewart Sr., was also the town's financial backer unitl the revenue streams could be established.

In 1948, the Citizens Association appointed a building committee which purchased 2,000 cinder blocks for $225 and Mr. Easy Smith laid the bricks for $100.   The 1953-1955 board established the first Saturday in August as Town Day and Eagle Harbor continues to grow on this wonderful foundation.

"In conclusion, let us sincerely trust that the Township of Eagle Harbor, MD will live long as a thriving community and that the boards of commissioners, to follow, and future citizens associations will work in harmony to achieve the same or more."

Dorothy J. Russ, May 1975

Mrs. Russ' words still ring true today.   The Town of Eagle Harbor which has a rich history is still a tranquil enclave of vacation cottages and year-round homes.  The people are still just as friendly and as civic minded as they were 80 years ago when the town was incorporated.   This waterfront town, located on the Patuxent River, in the southern tip of Prince George's County Maryland is less than an hour from Washington, DC.

When the Town was incorporated, it necessitated the need for a governing body and governing documents.   A charter and ordinances were written.   Mr. John T. Stewart, Sr. served as the first chairman of the Board of Commissioners.   Several of the descendants of the early visionaries still maintain homes and property in Eagle Harbor today.

Over the years gradual improvements have been made in the town.   In the early years, roads were cut in and street and traffic signs were installed.   Shortly thereafter, trash collection and weed control services were added and street lights were installed.   In the 1980's a major renovation was made to the town hall and water and septic services were added.   The town hall then became the community center; and eventually a kitchen was added. In 2007 the center was completely renovated and a spacious rear deck was built overlooking the Patuxent River.

The charter and ordinances, the governing documents of the town, have stood the test of time and were only recently revised after being in existence for decades.   The Board of Commissioners, the governing body of the town, revised these documents to include the tools needed to address the future while at the same time maintaining the original character of the town.

With the feel of urban life slowly approaching the town, the leadership of the Board of Commissioners and the support of the Citizens Association have never been more important.   As the wisdom of the past forges with the needs of the future, we must all collectively strive to maintain the character and history of our wonderful town.

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